Tom Brady Sports Memorabilia

Tom Brady, one of the most well-known players in NFL history, has a long line of collectible memorabilia for fans to purchase. A five-time super bowl champion, Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, can fetch a pretty penny when it comes to his memorabilia, especially when it is autographed. The longer his impressive career spans, the higher the price his memorabilia can bring. read more to see what we mean.

Early On

Tom Brady was born in California in the year 1977. Always a football fan, he grew up rooting for the San Francisco 49ers and idolized legends like Joe Montana and Steve Young, who helped foster his love of football at a young age. Now, as an adult, he has earned two NFL MVP awards and four SuperBowl MVP awards. His fifth super bowl win came in a hard-fought game against the Atlanta Falcons, in 2016.

Brady began his football career at Sierra Highschool and despite offers from MLB teams (he excelled at high school baseball). After graduation, he headed to the University of Michigan to play football. In his junior year, Brady exploded as starting quarterback. In his senior year, he led his Michigan team to an Orange Bowl win. You canget more information here.

Hail to the Victors!

In 2000, the New England Patriots picked up Brady in the 6th round of the draft. He was added as a backup quarterback and only played once his starting year. In 2001, the then starting quarterback was injured and Brady got the chance to prove himself. Prove himself he did.

In the past 17 years, he has helped lead his team to victory at five SuperBowls, including a victory the first year he was starting quarterback for the New England Patriots.

There were some ups and downs, including 2007, where the team narrowly missed an undefeated season when they lost the SuperBowl to the New York Giants. In 2008, due to a knee injury requiring several surgeries, he needed to sit out a season. However, the next year, he came back stronger than ever and made it to the NFL Pro-Bowl.

In 2014, a cloud descended over the New England Patriots and Tom Brady with a scandal that would become known as “Deflate-gate.” Several of the balls used in that SuperBowl, which the New England Patriots beat out the Indianapolis Colts to win, were found to be underinflated. Tom Brady was accused of knowing about this pre-game. He was found guilty but served a mere four-game suspension in 2016.

In 2017, the comeback-kid led his team to yet another SuperBowl triumph, this time against the Atlanta Falcons. This made him the first quarterback to ever receive five NFL SuperBowl championship rings.

That same year, he was named SuperBowl MVP for the fourth time and sales of his merchandise soared. With this, his memorabilia became the most valuable in the sports world.read more here.